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Mercury‚Äôs Accelerated Funding1 solution provides a faster way for your merchants to get their money from payment processing transactions. We offer Same Day Funding2 and Next Day Funding1 options so merchants can choose the funding schedule that works best for their business.  

Unlike many other processors that only offer next day funding, Mercury merchants can get their money even faster. With faster deposits merchants can do business late at night and still see their money the same day. With prompt funding merchants can keep their inventory fresher, pay employees on time, and pay bills with confidence. Offer your merchants an accelerated funding solution with Mercury today.

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Key Features:
1.  Available for merchants who meet eligibility requirements. Certain restrictions and limitations apply; not available in Canada.
2.  Same Day Funding based on deposits with Wells Fargo Bank.

3.  Each bank and bank account has their own funding procedures so timing of deposits showing will vary. Posts are after 4pm.
4.  Very late at night means that credit/debit batch submission occurs after midnight.